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Our Model

Ideas. Innovations. Investments.

As an action-oriented think tank, Sagamore advances innovative ideas for real results.

In communities across America, real people are solving real problems in new ways, without regard to labels or ideologies. Unfortunately, far too many innovators work in a vacuum. They are making a difference – whether in the marketplace or their neighborhood – but the ideas and the lessons learned aren’t disseminated for the benefit of other communities, the nation, and the world.

From the nation’s Heartland, Sagamore identifies and supports these innovators, entrepreneurs, practitioners, and experts. We help fill the gap between pervasive problems and sound solutions by connecting the best ideas with leaders who can transform them into smarter policy and improved practice.

Sagamore advances its mission across three lanes of action: ideas, innovations, and investments. They are complementary to one another, and each is required for meaningful impact to be achieved. Ideas expand our possibilities, innovations put those ideas to work, and investments are how we sustain both. 


Ideas matter. They can improve the human condition and alter the course of history. As a think tank, ideas are our business. Sagamore built on this foundation by forming an expert network of fellows providing independent and innovative research and analysis to public and private sector leaders. But we don’t just uplift scholars – we highlight and support practitioners who are already acting upon their ideas but may not recognize the pioneering idea behind their work.  


We love ideas, but we care even more about the lives and systems that can be improved through those ideas. That is why we are dedicated to applied research – research that actually puts theories to test in the real world. We’re in communities, getting our hands dirty, working alongside innovative practitioners, learning from them, and measuring the impact of ideas and theories put into practice. This allows us to gain insight into which prescriptions work, which don’t, and why. 


We believe that good business creates a better society. Indeed, enterprise has always given an uplift to the whole population and provided the surest path out of poverty for the most disadvantaged. Sagamore operates an impact investing platform called Commonwealth to offer innovative financial services to expand economic opportunity. Commonwealth’s investors and entrepreneurs advance change on the ground with market solutions, performance philanthropy, and upgrades to nonprofit business practice.