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Sagamore national security CONFERENCE at the university of notre dame

August 12-13: The inaugural Sagamore National Security Conference will host prominent national security voices to consider topics of grand strategy, the challenges of the current legislative process, the task of expanding our nation’s defense industrial base, required changes to our nation’s military force structure in light of the current threats and the vital role of the American citizen in our nation’s ongoing quest to “form a more perfect Union.” 

Indiana Conference on Citizenship

October 8: While most think tanks are based in Washington, DC, Sagamore selected Indiana as its home base to place a priority on citizens and state-level innovation over federal action. The Indiana Conference on Citizenship is an annual event aimed at improving citizen engagement and advancing innovative solutions to the state’s biggest challenges.

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Our 20th Anniversary


Sagamore Institute was founded as a think tank that moves ideas into action. We operate a network of scholars, policy experts and innovators to advance innovative solutions to the world’s biggest problems. 

Our ideas travel in two directions—we move upstream to change policy and reform systems; and we travel downstream to put ideas to work via best practices to improve lives and the places we live.

Please read the stories below to see how this approach has been formed over the past 20 years and how it has given shape to the three pillars that will define our next era.

Ideas and Action for a Good SOciety

Sagamore's Three Pillars

In communities where talent needs to be developed to grow our economies and opportunities need to be shared by all our neighbors…

In a world where threats are rising from foreign competition and the uncertainties of new technologies…

And in response to the broken politics and declining civility that has divided our society…


Sagamore’s policy agenda delivers solutions to each of these great challenges for our generation. Through research, demonstration and impact investment, our work takes aim at increasing economic opportunity for all our neighbors, securing our democratic way of life and strengthening civil society through good citizenship.

What's New at Sagamore

Sagamore Solutions: 2023 Year in Review

From the launch of a statewide workforce initiative to landmark achievements in mental health care to the hundreds of students served by our school choice scholarship, this year Sagamore advanced practical ideas creating more opportunities for everyone to flourish. What Sagamores provides, in a unique way, is connection. We convene problem solvers from different backgrounds and put them in conversation with each other. Suddenly, they’re not working alone anymore, and creative, big picture solutions start to emerge. We invite you to reflect on Sagamore’s contributions in the gallery below.

Indiana Conference on Citizenship Examines the Future of Work, Honors Cook Group for its Community Engagement

On October 17, Sagamore Institute held the annual Indiana Conference on Citizenship. This year’s conference, The Future of Work: Run Don’t Crawl focused on the changing nature of work, the workforce, and demographics in Indiana and featured national and state leaders representing key workforce sectors. 

At the conference, Sagamore Institute honored Cook Group with the inaugural Jerry Semler Corporate Citizenship Award. Sagamore CEO, Jay Hein, said: “Cook Group’s corporate philanthropy [is] integrated much like Jerry Semler’s life and how he practiced his leadership at OneAmerica. They see their people and place as an essential part of their success story.”

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