Teresa Lubbers Joins
Sagamore Institute as President

Founding president Jay Hein to become chief executive officer

I am confident Teresa will continue to expand upon Sagamore’s reputation of excellence by working alongside valued partners and encouraging entrepreneurship and innovation

Teresa’s exceptional reputation in our community and her track record for moving ideas into action make her the perfect choice to fulfill our mission to build and implement solutions to society’s biggest problems.

Working for society-

from the heartland.

Our Model:

As an action-oriented think tank, Sagamore advances innovative ideas for real results. Sagamore advances its mission across three lanes of action:


As a think tank, ideas are our business. Sagamore built on this foundation by forming an expert network of fellows providing independent, innovative research and analysis to public and private sector leaders.


We engage in applied research—working alongside innovative practitioners, learning from them, and measuring the impact of ideas and theories put into practice.


We believe good business creates a better society. Sagamore operates an impact investing platform called Commonwealth to offer financial services to expand economic opportunity.

Sagamore's New HQ

The COhatch mission is to transform communities and rebuild lives by supporting and providing accessible resources to local nonprofits and startups. 

What’s New at Sagamore