Secretaries' Innovation Group

Upcoming Event: SIG Biannual Conference

In June 2020, Secretaries’ Innovation Group (SIG) will hold their biannual conference. The SIG convenes twice a year to exchange ideas about state program innovations and press for solutions. 

The Secretaries' Innovation Group

The Secretaries’ Innovation Group is a membership organization of state human service and workforce secretaries, founded in 2011. Members of SIG gather to learn of successful innovations which have been executed “on the ground”;  to hear of new opportunities to design or replicate initiatives which advance the goals of family health and self-reliance;  to formulate options for waivers and other administrative vehicles for state freedom of action;  and to consider and approve joint moves which advance the policies of limited government and state autonomy, including recommendations to the Congress and the Administration. 

Jason Turner

Sagamore fellow Jason Turner is the Executive Director of SIG. He previously served as Mayor Giuliani’s Commissioner of New York City’s Human Resources Administration for his entire second term through 2001. The agency is responsible for welfare, employment, Medicaid and child care programs, and has seventeen thousand employees with a budget of fifteen billion dollars. Before New York, Turner worked for Wisconsin Governor Tommy Thompson (1993 – 1997) where he led the state team to develop a fully work-based alternative to welfare (Wisconsin Works). Earlier, Turner served as the federal director of Aid to Families with Dependent Children (AFDC) at HHS during the first Bush administration. 

The Biannual Conferences

The first SIG Conference was held in August of 2012 in Chicago. Since then, the SIG has convened 18 times to discuss important topics such as welfare reform, child welfare, disability, job training, mental health, marijuana and opiods, and SNAP assistance programs. Click here to browse past conference materials by subject matter.

December 2019 Conference Highlight

Sagamore President Jay Hein delivered a presentation on impact investing at the December 2019 SIG Conference. Click on the image to view the PowerPoint presentation. Click here to explore more 2019 conference materials, or to browse all conference materials by date.

June 2020 SIG Conference information and materials coming soon.