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Shared Prosperity in Israel

Sagamore Institute and our partners in Israel are unified in the conviction that increased direct investment in high quality business is the sturdiest pathway to unlocking economic potential, sustainability, and eventual peace in the Judea and Samaria region. We believe that it’s worthy of our best efforts to help build an international network of like-minded strategic partners to mentor Israeli and Palestinian entrepreneurs and develop a pipeline of opportunities for impact investment.

Israel Initiatives

Sagamore’s commitment to Israeli’s economic potential and peace in Judea and Samaria is fueled by the hope-giving mission of our partner, the Integrated Business Roundtable (IBR). IBR hosts annual pitch competitions to systematically build a pipeline of qualified, investable deals in the integrated business economy. Likewise, The Israeli Palestinian Economic Forum is hosted annually by IBR to showcase research, developments, and stories from the region’s case of integrated businesses. Click the boxes below to learn more.

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