Sagamore's Response to America's Unrest

The tragedy of George Floyd’s death in Minneapolis rocked America. The response revealed much division but also two lanes of action to bring healing and hope: criminal justice reform and expanding economic opportunity. Please see below for stories about Sagamore’s efforts in both of these strategies. 

Criminal Justice Reform

Sagamore scholars are collaborating with the Prison Entrepreneurship Program to help former inmates grow their business ventures. 

Click here to watch the winning pitch from PEP’s recent venture competition. 

Expanding Economic Opportunity

Dallas Cowboys Pro Bowl linebacker Jaylon Smith has formed a partnership with Sagamore to strengthen minority-owned businesses in Indiana, Texas, and Florida.

Click here to read Jaylon’s USA Today column. 

One Country, One Race

Sagamore scholars James White and Alan Dowd assess the ten signature Supreme Court cases that shaped our nation’s race relations. 

Click here to read their American Outlook article

Building a More Perfect Union

Sagamore Senior Fellow Alan Dowd writes about the important distinction between the United States and Confederate states and why the US is imperfect but good at its core.

Click here to read Alan’s article.