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International Development

Wise Counsel to a world in Progress.

Sagamore Institute was founded in 2004 by Jay Hein with support of then-US Ambassador to Germany Dan Coats. With roots deeply planted in America’s heartland, Sagamore’s scholar-practitioners have always sought to deliver wise counsel to a world in progress. 

We engage in applied research—working alongside innovative practitioners, learning from them, and measuring the impact of ideas and theories put into practice.

Thrive Farmers community stratetgies in central america

Thrive Farmers coffee company shares more revenue with Guatemalan farmers – allowing farming families to support themselves year in and year out. Their farmers see an average increase of 350% in their net income and often invest this new wealth in their communities.

CEF Global Network Strategies


We believe good business creates a better society. Sagamore operates an impact investing platform called Commonwealth to offer financial services to expand economic opportunity.

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