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Energy & Climate

Sustainability: The Capacity to Endure

With current U.S. energy prices spiraling upward, Americans are confronted once again with the vulnerability of energy supply and its “capacity to endure.”  Energy demand is on the rise as developing countries build more buildings and drive more autos. Meanwhile, energy supply resources and energy demand products produce emissions that pollute the pristine air we want our children to breathe. In addition, energy-related costs carry the potential to quickly crumble our economy and reduce the seemingly “sustainable” American lifestyle that we all value and desire for future generations.

As a think tank, ideas are our business. Sagamore built on this foundation by forming an expert network of fellows providing independent and innovative research and analysis to public and private sector leaders.

Fellows & Partners

Mike Humphrey

Board Member

John Waters

Senior Fellow

We engage in applied research—working alongside innovative practitioners, learning from them, and measuring the impact of ideas and theories put into practice.

We believe good business creates a better society. Sagamore operates an impact investing platform called Commonwealth to offer financial services to expand economic opportunity.

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