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The Center for America’s Purpose (CAP) was launched to promote America’s leadership role in the world. Headed by Sagamore Institute Senior Fellow Alan W. Dowd, CAP identifies historical guideposts to bolster national-security strategy in the 21st century, applies the lessons of history to the challenges of today and seeks to remind the American people that as civilization’s first-responder and last line of defense, the United States is a force for good in the world. Drawing from history, CAP is idealistic about America’s purpose in the world, optimistic about what America and its allies can achieve in the world, and realistic about how and where to employ American power in the world. To share CAP’s message and mission with engaged citizens and policymakers, Dowd authors essays for leading magazines, journals and websites, and publishes Capstones, the Center’s monthly publication covering national defense and international security.

In Focus

Capstones: The Barbarians of October

As Israel wages its just and justified war against the foot-soldiers, infrastructure and high command of Hamas, those of us far away from the battlefield have an important role to play. Even as soldiers fight the brutal frontline battle and generals craft strategy and diplomats plan for some semblance of peace, people like you and me—everyday people of goodwill and reason and faith, informed citizens, students and CEOs, teachers and preachers, scholars and writers, parents and grandparents—must engage another front: the battle of ideas.