Promoting action-oriented policy innovation and business solutions.

Sagamore advances its mission through three distinct lanes of action – opportunity, defense, and Indiana. The “opportunity” lane focuses on discovering and expanding new possibilities, fostering innovative thinking and fresh perspectives. The “defense” lane is dedicated to the practical application of these ideas, implementing strategies that protect and enhance our achievements. Finally, the “Indiana” lane signifies our targeted efforts within our region, ensuring that our strategies are finely tuned to local connections, thereby sustaining and nurturing our impact in this area and beyond.


The rise of the global economy has reduced the poverty rate from 46% in 1980 to 10% today. While this historic progress underscores the enduring value of free markets, work remains to ensure that the next phase of growth is both inclusive and sustainable.

Read stories depicting the people, ideas, policy reforms and innovations to heighten outcomes in quality K-12 education, higher education attainment and workforce success.


America faces a more complex, more volatile, more dangerous threat environment than anything we have seen since the Cold War. State and nonstate actors are developing tech-enabled weaponry and assaulting the global commons from the seas to space to cyberspace. Sagamore is helping bolster the Midwest’s defense innovators with new technologies and advanced manufacturing capabilities to protect our nation and democratic ideals.


Sagamore has served as Indiana’s think tank for 20 years. Yet, some of our leadership participated in Hudson Institute’s tenure as an Indiana-based think tank (1984-04) as well. This rich history has proven our dual value proposition—a think tank that can use ideas to fuel innovation at home while exporting Indiana’s solutions-oriented approach to leaders across the nation and globally.