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There are no great cities without great neighborhoods.

Yet, too many of our neighbors are facing increasing threats from crime, food insecurity, inferior K-12 education, and unemployment. Sagamore conducts projects to advance innovative solutions to these challenges and to supply groundbreaking research guiding better decisions by policymakers, philanthropists, and business leaders.

Scholar Takes Aim at Communities

Carriage House East Resident Assessment

The purpose of this research is to conduct a market study to determine the demand from adults (18 years old and above) residing within the Carriage House East Apartments (within the Far Eastside neighborhood) to participate in opportunities to improve career readiness, promote family self-sufficiency and financial stability.

Stellar Indiana

Launched in 2010, the Indiana Stellar Communities Program (ISCP) is a multi-year, over $58 million (investments to date) initiative operated by the Indiana Lieutenant Governor’s office and funded by three state agencies: the Indiana Housing and Community Economic Development Authority, the Indiana Office of Community and Rural Affairs and the Indiana Department of Transportation.
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Residential Mobility of Single-Mothers Research Study

The purpose of this study is to explore the pattern and causes of frequent household mobility among students living in female–headed households within the Mid-North and adjacent neighborhoods in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Indy Uses Sports to Rebuild the City

Indianapolis experienced the same flight to the suburbs that plagued many Midwestern cities in the 1960s- 70s. In response, civic leaders conceived a big idea: to rebuild the downtown by making it the amateur sports capital of the world. Never mind that it lacked any notable amateur sports assets at the time or that the infrastructure was wholly inadequate to support such a scheme. These things could be acquired and built. What was essential was leadership, and the city had that in abundance. Learn how this was achieved by reviewing the stories below.

Extreme Home Makeover: Indy Edition

This is the story of how an Emmy Award-winning TV show, the love of a neighborhood for one of its members, a host of volunteers, and the vision of the Estridge Homes CEO Paul Estridge changed a community.

American Outlook Special Edition

Indianapolis has a culture of public spiritedness that just doesn’t exist in many other places, that is, outside of small towns. 
When its leaders stand up with an idea two things are typically the case: first, that idea is for the public good rather than personal gain; and second, other leaders say, “How can we help?” 
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More Than A Game Co-Produced Documentary

Sagamore Institute co-produced a WFYI documentary called “More Than A Game” to educate about how Super Bowl ignited the Near East Side, particularly east 10th street and the Woodruff Place neighborhood.  This documentary highlights the community leaders and organizations who led the housing refurbishment, local business development, and educational resources brought to Arsenal Tech High School that amounted to a $100 million Super Bowl Legacy Project.