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Mitch Daniels: Heartland Reformer

Mitch Daniels became the quintessential reform governor in the first decade of the new century.  He wanted less government, but the government that remained to be better, smarter and faster. From the over-haul that raised BMV customer satisfaction levels to 97 percent to the Office of Management and Budget that resulted in a $2 billion surplus for the state, the Daniels administration worked to create a citizen-servicing government. We invite you to explore the featured content below that highlights Daniels’ important role in shaping Indiana as a national model for state reform efforts.

The Indiana Model

Can the government move at the speed of business?  As Indiana governor and Indianapolis mayor respectively, Mitch Daniels and Steve Goldsmith proved that business principles can indeed be adopted as public policy.  The result is smaller but much more effective public service saving taxpayer dollars and strengthening society.  Their combined success story offers a blueprint for state, regional, and local officials in America and beyond. Check out the articles below to learn more about the Indiana Model.

State Reform Efforts

The Daniels administration carved a path out for other reformers across the nation to follow suit. Moreover, the reforms instituted under Daniels suggest heartily that conversations about change can’t stay in Washington, but must take shape in the laboratories of change that are our states, cities and neighborhoods. Explore the articles below that detail Daniel’s extensive reform efforts. 

In Focus

Who is Former Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels?

Other than a Five Books article highlighting literary influences, not much has been done to give the public a peek inside Mitch Daniels’ head. So, to partially remedy this deficit, I asked him eight questions in a brief (efficient, very Mitch-Daniels-like) conversation.