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Liberia Rising

Gina Sheets and her husband, Travis, moved to Liberia in January of 2014 to develop the agriculture program at Liberia International Christian College (LICC). Prior to their departure, Gina directed Indiana Department of Agriculture and Travis was county commissioner in Clinton County, Indiana. Gina developed an interest in improving African agriculture after attending a summit on the issue at Sagamore Institute in 2011.

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World Food Day 2017

On World Food Day, agricultural experts and concerned citizens gathered...

Marketplace Liberia

Marketplace: Liberia is a newsletter published by ISOKO Institute headquartered in Kigali Rwanda. ISOKO Institute is an African research policy institute, more commonly known as a think tank, with affiliates in the United States. The think tank was launched in 2011to promote entrepreneurship and private enterprise as a way to build strong societies across Africa. Its primary research themes include: entrepreneurship as a means to deliver significant economic, social and spiritual impact for the better; the rise of Africa as a frontier market with the potential to become a major global market, and the role of government in creating an environment for private initiatives (social and business, for-profit and non-profit) to flourish and grow.