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J-1 Visa Program

A Consortium for International Exchange

Sagamore Institute was selected by the US State Department in May 2017 as a J-1 Exchange Teacher sponsor. This means our staff serves as “Responsible Officers” in the issuing of visas and monitoring of highly-qualified international teachers who come to the USA to teach and share their culture and world perspectives. It is a high honor to serve the students of America in this way. We currently prioritize sponsoring teachers in Indiana but also place teachers in Arkansas, Colorado, Michigan, Ohio, Arizona, New Mexico, and Nevada.

If you are an international teacher and would like to explore sponsorship in our program, please click here.

If you are a public, charter, or private school in the USA, and would like to host an exchange teacher, please click here.

Click here too find out more of the program requirements, and to see highlights of our teachers throughout the USA.

This is Dr. Wee – she is a J1 Exchange Teacher at Newcomb Middle School on the Navajo Reservation in New Mexico. She is teaching physical education. She loves to dance and hopes to start a cheerleading team at her school. She is standing with her bulletin board in the gymnasium where she has displayed the favorite sports of the Philippines. She hopes to teach the US students about “speed ball” which is a popular Filipino sport. Her two daughters have come with her on her exchange teaching experience and are enjoying learning in the US.