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A Heartland Think Tank.

At Sagamore, we value innovative ideas that are put into action with lasting results. To that end, this program is dedicated to highlighting our fellows and partners who have enriched Indiana communities through their innovation, investment, and hard work. By sharing their stories, we aim to encourage all people of Indiana to put their gifts and talents into action as we consider how we can make not only our local communities, but also our state, better. 

As a think tank, ideas are our business. Sagamore built on this foundation by forming an expert network of fellows providing independent and innovative research and analysis to public and private sector leaders.

We believe good business creates a better society. Sagamore operates an impact investing platform called Commonwealth to offer financial services to expand economic opportunity.

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Indiana Policy Center

Sagamore’s 2016 Indiana Conference on Citizenship was led by former congressman Lee Hamilton and then-Lt Gov Sue Ellspermann who marked the state’s bicentennial with a look to its next 100 years.  Then COVID hit.  Now, the state is facing the dual task of helping all its citizens recover from the pandemic while also taking full advantage of all the opportunities available in today’s turbo charged global economy.

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