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The Indiana Conference on Citizenship inspires and prepares Hoosiers to actively participate in our democracy and advocate for the wellbeing of our state and nation. 


Tuesday, October 8 | 9-11 am
Indiana State Museum
This year’s conference, “Media Literacy and Civil Society” focuses on the threat of misinformation to civic dialogue, including the impact of artificial intelligence, and highlights strategies to build media literate citizens. 
The need for media literacy is more urgent than ever. NewsGuard, which tracks misinformation, recently reported a more than 1,000 percent increase in the number of websites that peddle false news articles – from 49 sites to more than 600. Experts advise that media literacy offers the best opportunity for confronting the rise in misinformation by equipping the public to determine the veracity of content for themselves. John Gable, co-founder and CEO of AllSides, will share tools and best practices for engaging with media as a society.

Event Overview

Keynote Speaker

John Gable

John Gable is co-founder and CEO of AllSides. He often writes about bias, news media, polarization, and how technology impacts these things, or offers a perspective generally overlooked about controversial topics. Recently, his writings have been published by The Christian Science Monitor, The Huffington Post and The Cook Political Report.
Most relevant to his current position, John was the PM Team Lead for Netscape Navigator, the iconic web browser, and previous to that had a career in politics, working for three US Senators (each served as Senate Majority Leaders), one President, and a national political party. But most of John’s career has been in technology. In addition to being on the original team for Mozilla while at Netscape, he also joined the original teams for Microsoft Office in Seattle and ZoneAlarm for Check Point Software in San Francisco. He also co-founded Kavi Corporation, an early provider of web-based applications and online collaboration.