Upcoming Event

Israeli-Palestinian Economic Forum Pitch Competition

While the politicians debate pathways to peace in the West Bank, a group of investors and entrepreneurs are advancing shared prosperity among the Israelis and Palestinians living there.This year, the Integrated Business Roundtable (IBR) will host their first “Shark Tank” style pitch competition as part of this prosperity effort. More details to come regarding event date, etc. 

Integrated Business Roundtable

IBR’s vision is to assemble a network of faith-driven investors to accelerate integrated businesses and enhance an integrated economy. The result will be shared prosperity offering testimony to the peace made possible by shalom economics.

The IBR partners are unified in the conviction that increased direct investment in high-quality business is the sturdiest pathway to economic growth and eventual peace in Judea and Samaria. IBR believes a special opportunity exists today to nurture and develop this new base of Integrated Businesses – and that it’s worthy of our best efforts to build an international network of like-minded strategic partners to mentor Israeli and Palestinian entrepreneurs and develop a pipeline of opportunities for impact investment. Learn more about IBR.

2020 Pitch Competition

The Economic Forum Pitch Competition was originally scheduled to occur in July 2020 in Jerusalem. Due to COVID-19 concerns, this event has been rescheduled for Fall 2020, date to be determined. Click here to learn more.