Houses of Worship Join Together for Crisis Care Training

The RTRT Project, sponsored by the Christian Emergency Network (CEN), offers a platform upon which houses of worship can build relationships while receiving training on how to prepare for local emergencies. The model allows for each faith group to maintain their own religious tenets while sharing the responsibility for community-based crisis care.

Meeting attenders said they were “inspired and refreshed” by the RTRT Project, which gives practical and proven instructions on creating and operating an incident command center.

Troy Riggs, Sagamore’s Vice President, also addressed the group about Sagamore’s recently-released Public Good Index (PGI). This community assessment tool offers an integrated look at Indiana’s top 11 cities. Hopefully, the PGI will start meaningful conversations about what is working and what needs to be changed to ensure a prosperous future for all Indiana citizens.

Additional training is scheduled this all, with additional faith groups to be included.

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