From the West Wing to Better Neighborhoods

In 2010, Llew Wells, former producer for The West Wing, began a venture called Living City Block, a cutting-edge experiment to make cities far more energy-efficient, one block at a time.

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LCB began in Denver and has since expanded to Washington, DC, and Brooklyn, New York. Now the Founder of NYC Eco Districts Program, he is leading a three-year process in New York City to introduce district or neighborhood scale resiliency and sustainability programs. Initial NYC Eco Districts are being launched in the Lower East Side and East Harlem in 2015. These districts will employ the EcoDistricts Protocol, a process developed over the past 6 years by EcoDistricts that is now being employed in 12 North American cities.

On Monday, February 14, 2011, Wells spoke to an audience at Sagamore Institute about LCB’s vision.

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