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Creating a Better World


Forum exists to serve leaders and influencers from all sectors of society to create a better world.  Through lectures, salons and working groups, Forum draws together senior leaders of character with a transformational mindset to form a cross sector network who want to use their platform for good.

Forum was created in London in 2015 comprised of a wide variety of leaders—institutional (newspapers, government, financial services firms), bestselling authors, award winning actors or scientists whose success had given them extraordinary capacity to convene and extend influence. Forum London has now grown into a relational network of around 800 senior leaders with shared values.

At the start of 2023, Forum began quarterly events in both Washington DC and New York with expansion planned in Nashville and elsewhere.  The first retreat was held in Jekyll Island, Georgia. Forum US activity is jointly managed by Sagamore Institute.

Our Team

Baroness Philippa Stroud

Philippa is the co-founder of Forum. Philippa is a Member of the House of Lords, CEO of the Alliance for Responsible Citizenship and Chair of the Social Metrics Commission. Prior to this, she was the CEO of the Legatum Institute and Co-Founder and Chief Executive of the Centre for Social Justice. She served as Special Adviser to the Rt. Hon. Iain Duncan Smith MP from 2010-15 and also to the Prime Minister from 2012.

David Stroud

David is the co-founder of Forum, the Senior Minister of ChristChurch London, a public speaker & leadership coach. He has trained leaders around the world. He is an alumnus of IMD business school and has a theology degree from Durham University.


Networks of senior leaders have always changed the world. Such networks were at the heart of the Renaissance, the Industrial and Scientific Revolutions and many of the other most significant times that led to the rise and flourishing of civilizations. We believe the most effective networks are:

  • Organic: Flat in structure where people are connected via common values rather than via hierarchy.
  • Relational: Leaders are part of a community of strong, trusting relationships.
  • Cross-sector: Collaborating to bring about change that cannot be accomplished by any one sector.
  • Highly influential: Focused on impact rather than gaining a public profile.

Our Program

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The Forum program consists of an annual lecture and quarterly supper clubs per city.  Also, an annual weekend is offered for all the cities to convene annually.  To move ideas into action, Forum operates Working Groups formed by members.

The Forum Supper Clubs

The Supper Clubs are planned quarterly in each city comprised of approximately 40-60 leaders attending. Individuals are encouraged to attend on all four occasions and are required to attend a minimum of two dinners during the season.

The Forum Weekend

The Forum Weekend provides an excellent opportunity to hear from exceptional speakers, connect deeply with others from across the Forum network and take time to think about how participants can be effective in their work towards creating a better world.

The Forum Lecture

The Forum Lecture inspires leaders to be transformational in their sector. The Forum Lecture is the “front door” and introduces new guests to the Forum community enabling members to connect with a broad range of leaders from different sectors. It provides an opportunity for attendees to be inspired by the Forum vision and values and hear from two senior leaders who are already using their platform for good. One leader will be interviewed and the other will deliver the Forum lecture.

The Forum Working Group

The Forum Working Group is a small group of leaders and experts who think deeply about how they can create renewal or reform on select issues. They analyse the problem, create solutions and develop a plan with the necessary action to bring about change.   The Forum Founders and others will provide advice and introductions to key influencers and decision makers.