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Networks of senior leaders have always changed the world. Such networks were at the heart of the Renaissance, the Industrial and Scientific Revolutions and many of the other most significant times that led to the rise and flourishing of civilisations.

Networks are organic:

They are flat in structure and people are connected via relationship and common values rather than via hierarchy. As such, Forum does not direct the network to seek to solve a particular set of issues. Rather they cast a big vision of what is possible and provide examples of historic and current day exemplars. They we encourage Forum members to identify what they are passionate about and support them to bring about change.

Networks are relational

Bringing about change can be challenging and is done best when leaders are part of a community of strong, trusting relationships. One of the things that sets the Forum community apart is that relationships are not extractive or transactional.

Networks are cross sector

Many of the biggest problems that we face cannot be solved by leaders from one sector but need a cross sector collaborative approach. This can be best illustrated by considering the following arc:

  • The artists says something important through their work;
  • The journalist writes about it in her column;
  • The academic does some research to provide an evidence base for this;
  • The philanthropist funds the research;
  • The celebrity endorses the research; and then

The legislator changes the law because everyone else has played their part.

Networks can be highly influential

Networks are often at their most effective when they focus on bringing about change and not about gaining public profile. Forum is conscious that leaders are often their most open when they are away from the glare of publicity, cameras, and social media. As a result, Forum does not seek the limelight itself nor does it normally publicize its activities beyond those who are invited to events.