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When bestselling author Corbin Addison wrote his first novel, A Walk Across the Sun, he had no reason to believe that his work would be endorsed by the literary legend Robert Grisham, being that Grisham had never before endorsed an author seeking a publisher. But upon reading Addison’s book Grisham did just that, as he became enthralled by the tale of the sex-slave trade in contemporary India.

Addison captured the narrative by examining the plight of the world’s young women through firsthand investigation, going undercover in many of Mumbai’s infamous brothels — discovering how prevalent slavery truly is across the globe.

On June 24, 2013, Sagamore’s Dr. Amy Sherman, Director of Sagamore Institute’s Center on Faith in Communities, welcomed Addison to the Indianapolis headquarters for a discussion on human rights and modern day slavery. Addison spoke from his investigative experience on the issues as Dr. Sherman commented on behalf of the International Justice Mission where she is a Senior Fellow. Following their presentations, the speakers dialogued with community stakeholders about human trafficking in Indianapolis.

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Senior Fellow Provides Recognized Thought Leadership

Sagamore senior fellow Jean Geran is leading an innovative anti-human trafficking initiative at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Watch the video below to hear her remarks at a recent Center for Strategic and International Studies event.

Combating Child Trafficking and Supporting Survivors through Strategic Development