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Faith and Justice

Sagamore-Baylor Research Partnership

Senior fellow Byron Johnson is director of the Institute for Studies of Religion at Baylor University.  At Sagamore, Dr. Johnson leads the think tank’s “Faith and Justice” research agenda. Baylor also sponsored Jay Hein’s research for the book, The Quiet Revolution. Baylor ISR and Sagamore continue to expand on these themes through a series of research projects investigating the faith factor in American society.  Read more below. 

Theology and Justice with Amy Sherman

The early church introduced compassion and justice to Roman society.  For 2000 years following, that same faith has introduced hospitals, education, and other key institutions for human flourishing. Yet, the modern church waned in its commitment to justice causes in the 20th century.  Sagamore is joining with a wide set of partners such as the International Justice Mission, Rick Warren, the Christian Community Development Association, and Mission Increase to advance faith-based approaches for the common good. Read more about justice below.