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Dr. Byron Johnson Discusses the
Global Flourishing Study

Sagamore Senior Fellow Dr. Byron Johnson presented insights from his newest initiative, the Global Flourishing Study, to a Sagamore audience on July 21, 2023. Listen to the full talk below.

On July 21, 2023, Dr. Byron Johnson presented insights into his newest initiative, the Global Flourishing StudyIn collaboration with Harvard’s Human Flourishing Program, the Global Flourishing Study encompasses over 200,000 participants from 21 countries over a five-year span, making it an unprecedented longitudinal study on human flourishing. The study consists of a series of 20-minute interviews that touch on 6 different domains: happiness and life satisfaction, mental and physical health, meaning and purpose, character and virtue, close social relationships, and financial and material stability. 

Dr. Johnson, who serves as co-project director alongside Harvard’s Tyler VanderWeele, highlighted the study’s potential to offer causal data on flourishing, providing invaluable information for governments and organizations seeking to address individual and societal satisfaction. Dr. Johnson noted at the beginning of his talk that these trends have seen a severe downturn in the last few years, even as GDP has increased. The results of the study will be showcased in a documentary and the first wave of data will be available to the public in early 2024.

During the talk, Dr. Johnson also shed light on a parallel project centered around prison ministry work and reform. He discussed the establishment of the Center for Faith and the Common Good at Pepperdine University, where rigorous demonstrations of the efficacy of faith-based prison programs are being conducted. Additionally, an international study across eight prisons in various countries aims to help reform 60% of the world’s prisons within a decade.

The presentation concluded with a powerful video showcasing the success of a faith-based program in Mississippi prisons, demonstrating the potential for transformation and positive impact on even the most challenging correctional facilities.

ABOUT Dr. Byron Johnson

Dr. Byron Johnson, a distinguished Professor at Baylor University, serves as Director of the Institute for Studies of Religion (ISR) and the Program on Prosocial Behavior. He is a renowned authority on the scientific study of religion, faith-based organizations, domestic violence, and criminal justice. With extensive research experience at prestigious institutions, Johnson’s work has influenced governmental bodies such as the Department of Justice, Department of Defense, Department of Labor, and the National Institutes of Health. His recent book, “More God, Less Crime,” delves into the influence of faith on prisoner rehabilitation.