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America faces a more complex, more volatile, more dangerous threat environment than anything we have seen since the Cold War. State and nonstate actors are developing tech-enabled weaponry and assaulting the global commons from the seas to space to cyberspace. Sagamore is helping bolster the Midwest’s defense innovators with new technologies and advanced manufacturing capabilities to protect our nation and democratic ideals.

Our Team

Sagamore co-founder Dan Coats served as Director of National Intelligence, US Ambassador to Germany during the 9/11 era, and a member of multiple congressional defense and intelligence committees. Senator Coats helped stand up Sagamore’s national security program with former board member Vice Admiral (ret.) Mike Bucchi, who served as Commander of the Third Fleet before retiring from the Navy. Senior Fellow Alan Dowd serves as director of the Center for America’s Purpose at Sagamore, which explores and defends America’s leadership role in the world. And Senior Fellow Jerry Hendrix, a retired Navy captain, author and renowned strategist, leads Sagamore’s defense portfolio.

Meet the Team

Hon. Dan Coats

Board of trustees

Jerry Hendrix, Ph.D.

Senior research fellow

alan dowd

Senior research fellow

Sagamore national security CONFERENCE at the university of notre dame

The inaugural Sagamore National Security Conference will host prominent national security voices to consider topics of grand strategy, the challenges of the current legislative process, the task of expanding our nation’s defense industrial base, required changes to our nation’s military force structure in light of the current threats and the vital role of the American citizen in our nation’s ongoing quest to “form a more perfect Union.” 

The New Security Blueprint

Sagamore senior fellows Alan Dowd and Jerry Hendrix contributed 20 essays to this new anthology published by Sagamore Press. Dowd and Hendrix guide readers through the principles, policies, and practices necessary to defend and secure America in this dangerous new era.

Area 52 Strategy

Could Lake Michigan be a strategic testing location for the US Navy to upgrade its unmanned and autonomous fleet capabilities? Senior Fellow Jerry Hendrix thinks so. The former Navy captain and longtime strategist makes the case in the US Naval Institute’s journal Proceedings; see below for that article and related research.

Center for America's Purpose

Senior Fellow Alan Dowd leads the Sagamore Institute Center for America’s Purpose (CAP), an initiative that promotes and defends America’s leadership in the world. CAP identifies historical guideposts to bolster national security strategy in the 21st century, applies the lessons of history to the challenges of today, and seeks to remind the American people that as civilization’s first-responder and last line of defense, the United States is a force for good in the world.

Can Indiana Help Keep America Safe?

Sagamore Institute hosted a conference exploring the state’s multi-faceted contribution to America’s defense including the cutting-edge technological innovation at Naval Surface Warfare Center Crane, Purdue’s space program and industry leaders such as Saab and Rolls Royce. US Senator Todd Young’s leadership on the CHIPS Act was also featured.

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