The Best of America Today

The future of popular government depends on us. Our turn has come to inhabit the frame built by our founders and take on the obligations of self-government.

It remains true that all men are created equal, that each of us has the capacity to order our lives and our soulsand that nature tells us something about nature’s God. We learn these precepts by studying the history of our nation—and the Westand repeating the truth claims made therein. We also learn them by investing in our communities, by building relationships with our neighbors and engaging with questions about the common good. 

When we do these things, we fortify liberty for our generation and the generations to come. In the process, we come to understand what it is to be citizen, what it is to be an American, and, ultimately, what it is to be human.

Recommended Resources

Start engaging today using the resources below. Sagamore is committed to building better citizens, and we hope you’ll explore our contributions to citizenship in Indiana and around the country. 


Civic Discourse Project | This multi-year project brings together academics, intellectuals, and civic leaders for videotaped public discussions on civic issues.

No. 86 | The Federalist Society offers these free courses offering law students different perspectives on legal topics than those typically taught in the classroom.


iCivics | Enjoy these educational civics games

GovTrack | Information and statistics on legislation under consideration by Congress

Get Involved

Braver Angels | Civility seminars

Teaching American History | One-day seminars and colloquia for teachers

Volunteering in America

Strong Towns | Curriculum, resources, and resident support for shaping and revitalizing American cities

Spotlight | Indiana Citizens

Sagamore Institute publishes a blog series dedicated to highlighting Indiana citizens who have enriched our communities through their innovation, investment, and hard work. By sharing their stories, we aim to encourage all people of Indiana to put their gifts and talents into action as we consider how we can make not only our local communities, but also our state, better. We invite you to explore the inspiring citizenship stories below.