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Black Talent Development

Sagamore Institute has partnered with Innopower, an Indianapolis-based social enterprise, to build solutions that help Black communities access economic opportunity through education, entrepreneurship and workforce development. Innopower founder Emil Ekiyor, a former NFL player, points to the sophisticated talent development pipelines in professional sports as an example of the impact that intentional coaching and support can have on an individual’s life trajectory, arguing that the same approach is needed to unlock economic opportunity in poor neighborhoods.

Black Business Impact Network

Sagamore Institute and Innopower have teamed up with Metaimpact to tackle some of the world’s biggest problems through a systems approach. With support from JP Morgan Chase Foundation, we are creating a digital environment to connect Black businesses to resources and enhance collaboration among minority serving business and entrepreneur support organizations in Central Indiana. The next phase of the project involves onboarding more change agents and funders to help business owners access resources that are tailored to their business stage and needs.

Business Support

Sagamore received two grants from the Indianapolis African American Quality of Life Initiative in partnership with Innopower to help Black individuals access economic opportunity. The Indy Biz Pass connects Black business owners to resources, including discounted coworking space and networking events. The Advancing Equity through Tech initiative works in partnership with TechPoint to create and market a tech-focused, adult apprenticeship program for low-income, central Indiana Black men and women.

Access to Capital

Emil Ekiyor discusses the barriers Black businesses face in accessing capital. Sparking entrepreneurship in our Black communities requires developing  a spectrum of capital sources to support emerging entrepreneurs and enable successful businesses to grow to the next level.

About Innopower

Innopower is a Black-owned social enterprise that accelerates economic development and wealth generation in Black communities in the USA and Nigeria. Innopower works across sectors to create capacity for underrepresented individuals through education, entrepreneurship and workforce development. In addition to ongoing programs and initiatives, Innopower annually hosts the Minority Business Week Conference to celebrate innovation and growth for black and brown students, professionals, and businesses in Indiana. Founder Emil Ekiyor draws on his experiences as a native of Lagos, Nigeria and National Football League alumnus to advocate for wealth creation opportunities for Africans and African Americans.