Mark jay

Senior Fellow | Center for Healthcare Affordability

Mark Jay leads Sagamore Institute’s Center for Healthcare Affordability. Recently launched in 2020, the Center for Healthcare Affordability (CHA) exists to curate strategic solutions to fix America’s broken healthcare system. Tangibles of CHA include building a coalition and implementing initiatives to educate, advocate and legislate with the end goal of an affordable free-market healthcare system for America, one fueled by transparency, integrity, innovation and quality.


In addition to his healthcare, consulting and marketplace background, Mark joins the Sagamore Institute with 20 years of leadership experience in the non-profit sector. Mark’s innate passion for justice, experience advocating for others, and deep desire to see Americans thrive complement the Sagamore Institute’s mission to build and implement innovative solutions to society’s biggest problems.


Mark’s passion to fight for families and businesses in lowering the cost of healthcare stems from his own family’s battle against cancer and firsthand experience with our nation’s broken healthcare system. This journey has led Mark to participate in Healthcare Roundtable discussions at the White House with President Trump and take part in the President’s Executive Order Signing for “Improving Price and Quality Transparency in American Healthcare”, an event at which his wife was invited to speak on behalf of all Americans.

Educate. Advocate. Legislate.