Chip Weiant

Senior Fellow

Chip Weiant earned his B.A. in Public Policy Analysis at Miami University and did graduate work in public policy at the University of Rhode Island focusing on the moral implications of public policy on free enterprise, individual liberty and human flourishing. Mr. Weiant also leads the National Better Business Bureau’s Center’s for Character Ethics Project and is addressing both passive and absentee-fathering challenges in the Heartland through his DADLAB Father-Focused, Parent Strengthening Project.

Weiant strives to renew cultures of trust by leveraging leadership character and organizational ethics assessment, training and best practice advocacy within existing networks of American institutions. Chip’s portfolio of work includes the publishing and dissemination of UncommonSense, the EthicalEnterprising Framework and The Civil Society Tutorial series which earned the Sir John Templeton Freedom Award in Ethics in 2008. In an effort to further advance the fusion of ethics and enterprise, Weiant served as the grant strategy chair for the Geo. Edward Durell Foundation from 1998-2013 building a portfolio of ethics and enterprise projects including SIPR’s national INFUSIONOMICS project for K-12 educators, the national Free Market Forum for higher education, the national Sound Money Project for state policy tanks and the Cato Institute’s emerging Global Gold Project.

Chip disseminates faith-friendly thought leadership in his home state of Ohio as a co-founding board member of both the Ohio Governor’s Office of Faith-Based & Community Initiatives and MissionColumbus which provides character-based collaboration training to over a hundred faith-based non-profits.