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Battleground States

Innovation and the Marketplace of Ideas

There is a big difference between federal and national policy being formed across the nation. What happens in Washington does matter but it matters less than conventional wisdom would suggest. While the media covers who’s up and who’s down inside the Beltway, the national story is being shaped by governors, mayors, and citizens in each of the 50 states. The purpose of the Battleground States initiative is to highlight examples of bold and reform-minded governors, executives, and citizen entrepreneurs who develop and implement the ideas that transform our nation.

American Outlook

In the 1990’s, The United States implemented historic reforms to the nation’s welfare systems, measures that dramatically improved the effectiveness with which our public assistance programs serve the most vulnerable in our communities. The epicenter of this innovation in welfare reforms was Wisconsin, under the leadership of Tommy Thompson. Sagamore Institute celerated the remarkable policy achievements of Wisconsin’s leaders and citizens, past and present, in our “Battle Ground States” edition of American Outlook.