Sagamore was proud to host Dr. Amy Sherman and friends to celebrate the release of her new book:

Agents of Flourishing: Pursuing Shalom in Every Corner of Society

God calls Christians to participate in his redemptive mission in every sphere of life. Every corner, every square inch of society can flourish as God intends, and Christians of any vocation can become agents of that flourishing.

Amy Sherman offers a multifaceted, biblically grounded framework for enacting God’s call to seek the shalom of our communities in six arenas of civilizational life (The Good, The True, The Beautiful, The Just, The Prosperous, and The Sustainable). Because we believe in what is good and true, we strengthen social ethics and contribute to human knowledge and learning. Because we value beauty, we invest in creative arts. Because we are committed to a just society, we work toward restorative justice and a well-ordered civic life. And our desire to see society prosper sustainably means that our business practices seek the economic good of the community while protecting the physical health of our environment. This comprehensive volume showcases historical and contemporary models of faithful and transformational cultural engagement, with case studies of all kinds of churches advancing human flourishing. It provides a roadmap for leaders wanting to participate in Christ’s mission of holistic renewal.

Discover how being God’s agents of flourishing can change our communities for the better and offer a winsome witness to a watching world.

Virtual Book Launch Recap

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Amy Sherman on the problem and opportunity of latent capital and her motivations for writing the book.

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Amy highlights historical examples of the Church acting as an agent of flourishing and explains the six endowments of human ecology.

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Amy describes contemporary examples of churches changing communities for the better and explains what makes them tick.

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Pursuing the notion of seeing more and more of the Kingdom and the Kingdom’s values become incarnated and embodied in all these different spheres of life, that work is precious and important to God, and so is the work of seeing individual people becoming ever more renewed and sanctified and made more into the full human beings that God created us to be.