About the Book

Distinguishing between mere politeness and genuine civility, Hudson draws from classical to modern thinkers to stress the need for open discourse and mutual respect. She advocates for valuing others enough to voice disagreements and foster open debates.

This book serves as a beacon of hope, suggesting that individual steps towards civility can collectively reshape our world. Don’t miss this enlightening conversation on the essence of true civility, brought to you in collaboration with Sagamore Institute and the Harrison Center.

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Some of the greatest thinkers of our day —Francis Fukuyama, Jonathan Haidt, Tyler Cowen and others — have endorsed her book. Her book was also just selected as a  “must read book” for Malcom Gladwell’s book club.

She has also convened some of the most innovative and surprising thinkers of our day for a Civility Summit timed with the book launch, on Oct 9th, inviting nearly a dozen of today’s greatest minds— from David French of the NYT, to philosopher Cornel West and Russel Moore, CEO of Christianity Today & many others—to explore the role of civility in contemporary life. 

If you can’t make the launch party — or even if you can — you can claim your spot to the summit by clicking the button below.