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America's Role in the World

Sagamore’s team of scholar-practitioners have served on the frontlines protecting America’s ideals and they’ve written widely to guide a path advancing the democratic order at home and abroad.   Our team has included diplomats, military officers, development professionals, academics and policy experts.  What unites them is an enduring belief that America is a force for good in the world.

Center for America's Purpose

Senior fellow Alan Dowd serves as director of Sagamore’s Center for America’s Purpose—a platform to promote America’s leadership in the world. CAP identifies historical guideposts to bolster national security strategy in the 21st century, applies the lessons of history to the challenges of today, and seeks to remind the American people that as civilization’s first-responder and last line of defense America is a force for good in the world.

The New Security Blueprint

Sagamore senior fellows Alan Dowd and Jerry Hendrix contributed 20 essays to this collection published by Sagamore Press, guiding readers through principles, policies, and practices necessary to defend America’s interests and deter America’s adversaries in the years ahead.

Future of the Navy

Sagamore senior fellow Dr. Jerry Hendrix has written numerous books and articles on the US Navy’s past as well as its future.  While wearing the uniform, his staff assignments featured tours with the Chief of Naval Operations Executive Panel, the Office of Undersecretary of Defense for Policy and the OSD Office of Net Assessment.  He was also the Navy Fellow at Harvard University and the United States Naval Institute’s Author of the Year.

Dan Coats in Germany

Dan Coats began his service as US Ambassador to Germany two days before the 9/11 attacks.  By the end of his first week, he stood before tens of thousands of Germans assembled at the Brandenburg Gate expressing their solidary with the United States.  Amb. Coats guided US policy in Germany during the first five years of the war on terrorism. 

Global Civil Society

Sagamore senior fellow Don Eberly served in multiple roles as a senior civilian in support of the US mission in Iraq and Afghanistan.  As an advisor to the Coalition Provisional Authority and a senior State Department official in Kandahar, Eberly assisted America’s warfighters while bridging peaceful relations with the village residents.  Sagamore board chair, Allison Barber, also advanced civil society during her service as Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense and conitinues to do so as a board member of the Elizabeth Dole Hidden Heroes Foundation.

Legatum Prosperity Index

London-based think tank Legatum Institute launched their Global Index of Economic Openness (GIEO) in partnership with Sagamore at the Indiana State Capitol Building. The GIEO ranks 157 countries’ openness to commerce and analyzes what enables or hinders a country’s ability to trade domestically and internationally. The Legatum-Sagamore event served as the North America region report announcement.

Africa Rising

Carole Kariuki served as a Sagamore fellow before she returned to her native Kenya to become the CEO of Kenya Private Sector Alliance.  Sagamore fellow Donald Cassell forges connections between the US and his native Liberia while offering scholarship to guide the war-torn nation’s uplift. And Sagamore partners Dale Dawson and Manny Ohomne have advanced enterprise solutions to poverty in Rwanda and Ghana.  These team members and others have proven that trade is superior to aid in helping Africa rise.

Israel and Palestinian Shared Prosperity

Israel is an island of democracy in the Middle East and therefore serves as an invaluable ally to the United States security interests.  At the same time, Israeli tech innovation is producing solutions to some of the world’s biggest problems.  Sagamore’s impact investing platform Commonwealth convened the Israeli Palestinian Forum to prove that shared prosperity is the surest route to enduring peace.  IPEF featured then-US Ambassador to Israel David Friedman (an architect of the Abraham Accords) and a pitch competition operated by Commonwealth that invested 1 million shekels in two companies co-owned by Jewish Americans with Arab partners.

Sergio Aguilera Forged Mexico-US Ties

Sagamore board member Sergio Aguilera was an international banker before he became a diplomat in the Mexican Foreign Service.  He served as Consul General of Mexico in Toronto, Sydney, Shanghai and Indianapolis.  During his final post, he commissioned a Sagamore study to assess the economic impact of immigrants to Indiana’s economy.

In Memoriam – John Clark

John Clark was a founding member of Sagamore Institute and a bridge connecting many places: Sagamore to its think tank predecessor Hudson Institute; Indiana leaders to global affairs; students to the world of ideas and so much more.  His superior intellect was matched by his kindness and though he knew all the answers, he asked all the questions.  We are grateful for his service to Sagamore and so many others.