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Indianapolis hosted NBA All-Star Weekend in February 2024. Alongside the weekend’s activities, Sagamore and Innopower hosted a series of events to celebrate Indianapolis’ Black business talent and showcase our portfolio of solutions helping Black communities access economic opportunity through education, entrepreneurship and investment.

Innopower CEO Emil Ekiyor discusses the organization’s All-Star Weekend activities that are celebrating and showcasing Black business talent.

Sagamore Board Chair Dr. Allison Barber talks about what it means for Indianapolis to host All-Star Weekend and the city’s collaboartive spirit.

Venture investor Heath Butler describes how Urban Capital Network and Innopower are helping Black professionals access quality investment opportunities.


  • 3-5 pm: The Future of Human Performance with Dr. Tommy Shavers
  • 6-8 pm: Closing the Wealth Gap through Investment with Urban Capital Network


  • 12-4 pm: Doing Business in Indiana with Elevate Ventures, Pier 70 Ventures and Sports Tech HQ


  • 6 pm-12 am: Small Business All-Star Celebration with Indy Biz Pass participants, athletes and financial institutions

The Future of Human Performance

We are entering a transformative era marked by technological advancement, personalized medicine and a deeper understanding of human physiology that is poised to unlock unprecedented levels of physical and cognitive capabilities.

Dr. Tommy Shavers, Founder and CEO of Nestre Health and Performance, discussed how innovations such as neuro strength training hold the potential to elevate athletic prowess, enhance mental acuity, and optimize overall well-being. 

Nestre received investment capital and operational support from the Minority Entrepreneurship Institute at Sagamore and will be establishing a presence in Indianapolis in 2024.

Dr. Tommy Shavers (right) with Jeron Peoples, head of strategy and business development at Sports Tech HQ.
Guests at the Minority Business Opportunity Weekend in downtown Indianapolis.

Closing the Wealth Gap through Investment

In recent years, many efforts to close the wealth gap between whites and Blacks in America have focused on supporting and capitalizing minority entrepreneurs. Critically, we have overlooked the other side of the relationship, which is helping more Black individuals access premium investment opportunities. Sagamore hosted Urban Capital Network, Elevate Ventures, Pier 70 Ventures and others to explore how we can create this type of access through education, improvements to our financial systems and new technologies and services.

Doing Business in Indiana

It takes a village to raise an entrepreneur. The key ingredients for success are networks, mentors, capital and knowledge – an entrepreneurial ecosystem that nurtures growth. Sagamore and Innopower celebrated leaders working across these sectors that are working to make Indianapolis the best place in the nation for Black entrepreneurs to start and grow a business.

Innopower honored 18 different individuals with the “Game Changer Award” in three different categories – Ecosystem, Capital, and Startup. By showcasing their remarkable achievements, we aim to inspire others to pursue their dreams.

Recipients of the Game Changer Award

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